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Here are swatches of Colourpop’s CABANA CLUB collection. This collection is available to purchase on both and



Colourpop CABANA CLUB paletteThe Cabana Club contains 11 previously released shades that have been RENAMED for the Cabana Club palette. The photo on the right shows swatches of the Cabana Club palette on the left side and the right side of the photos are swatches of the following shades:

  • Better Bitter (Palettes: I think I Love You, Take Me Home)
  • Carmelo (Salvaje)
  • Woke (Strawberry Shake, Gimme Butterflies, Chasing Rainbows)
  • The Pisces (The Zodiac)
  • Oh Beehave (Uh-huh Honey)
  • Garden Date (Sweet Talk)
  • Gilded (Ornate, Good as Gold.***See note below)
  • Chauffer (Yes, Please, also available as a single)
  • Pass It On (Whatever)
  • Templeton (Sandstone)
  • Sista (Good Sport)
  • Clued In (Blue Moon)

***Neither version of Gilded in Ornate or Good As Gold matches the shade in Cabana Club.