Hello! My name is Erin and I started buying Colourpop in August 2016. I started up this site because I got tired of using google images when I wanted to see a swatch/photo of Colourpop products, especially when I was trying to find photos of the discontinued super shock shadows. I decided to do something about it and the Colourpop Swatch Gallery was started.

The Colourpop Swatch Gallery is a database of photos of both Colourpop products and SWATCHES of Colourpop products. I’m working my way through what I own in Colourpop products so far and swatching everything I have and posting them on the site.

This website is still very much a work in progress so please excuse us as I continue to work on it. 🙂


This cost of this website, both the domain and the monthly hosting bill, comes out of MY POCKET.

Also, every item that has been swatched, photographed and published on this website so far has been purchased by ME. As of right now, I am NOT on Colourpop’s PR list. Maybe someday in the future I will be lucky enough for that. Until then, it’s all coming out of my pocket.

Yes, I know I could do some things to generate money from this project to help pay to keep it running, such as add ads to the site.. But it is a COLOURPOP only site, I do NOT want to place ADS and what not on this site. For one, I don’t want to take attention off what I’m doing here and send you away from this site to the Ulta site to buy a different product from a different brand. SECOND, ADs are FREAKIN’ ANNOYING. I don’t want to put you through any more ads than what you already have to deal with. So with that said…

If anyone who enjoys this website/Instagram would like to see that it continues and has a dollar or two to spare to help with costs…. https://paypal.me/colourpopme

I will forever appreciate it. Thank you!

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Have any comments or suggestions? Please feel free to send me a message in the contact form at the bottom of the page! 😀




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