Finally completed my Colourpop Super Shock Shadow Collection!!!

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How this came to be….

Personal Note from the president of Colourpop Cosmetics
That one time Colourpop decided to help me get closer to completing my collection…

In late 2017 I decided to start trying to collect all of the super shocks that Colourpop had released and swatch them because you couldn’t always find swatches of discontinued shades. I started slowly buying existing shades on the colourpop site, stalking sales here on Facebook, resale apps like mercari, and even did some swapping on swapidu when it was still going. A lot of shades I barely paid anything for, some I paid retail, some I spent way more than what the sss retailed for, I even got a random package from Colourpop after posting my ISO list on Instagram in the summer of 2018. They messaged me asking for my address and the next day I had an overnight package from Colourpop with a handwritten note from Laura, and about 30 super shock shadows. A lot that were no longer for sale. Even 3 extremely hard to find shades. I even got about 3 or 4 master copies of those shades.

Untitled Tie Dye
Untitled – The Hideous Tie Dye.

By November 2018 I was down to only needing 3 super shock shadows to complete my collection. Including one shade, that I think only a handful even exist, an unnamed (hideous) tie dye. At this point I figured I’d never get it so I didn’t count it anymore but come February of 2019 my friend ended up coming across one and she sold it to me for a decent price!

Colourpop x Kathleen Lights MEET UP tie dye super shock shadow

December of 2019 one (juicer) of the last two shades I needed popped up on mercari for cheap and I missed it by like 3 minutes. Omg I was salty for like weeks after that. 😂 In the middle of January 2020 the other shade (meet up) I needed popped up in a dirt cheap lot of Poshmark. I was able to snatch that up quick.

Colourpop Juicer Super Shock Shadow

Every day, multiple times a day, for almost three years I have been stalking the resale apps looking for these super Shock shadows. I was beginning to think I would never complete my sss collection. A couple of weeks ago a friend in the UK, who I have helped with building her collection, messaged me asking if I still needed juicer. Turns out she’s getting married next year and has decided to start selling her makeup collection off. She had juicer and she knew I still needed it. I helped her a bit as she got her sales post ready to sell off her collection. Letting her know what I thought certain shades are worth, sending some UK people I knew who were collecting, etc. and in return she sent me juicer. 💛💛💛💛 It arrived yesterday and now my super shock shadow collection is now complete.

I took every single shade out and took a photo of them all. All 410 super shocks. Though after I took the photo I realized there is a double in the photo somewhere. Not sure where 😂 there are 411 pictures. I actually have doubles of a few shades and I thought I got them all out but apparently not. 🤷🏼‍♀️

Also, I have swatched every single one and you can view alllllllll the swatches here:

Super Shock Shadow Swatches!

I also post Colourpop swatched every time I get my purchases from the Colourpop releases (no, not on PR.) and they are available to see on here my site as well.