Colourpop Frequently Asked Questions

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Colourpop Frequently Asked Questions

As some of you may know, I am a moderator for the Colourpop Makeup Queens group on Facebook. Recently, after seeing an influx of posts asking the same questions over and over again, I decided to write up a FAQ for Colourpop to help people find answers. If you have any suggestions to Questions/Answers that should be added to this FAQ, please comment below with your suggestions or thoughts about the FAQ!



Normal processing times for ColourPop orders is 3-5 business days. BUSINESS DAYS means Monday through Friday. Weekends and Holidays are NOT INCLUDED.
If there is a BIG ANTICIPATED RELEASE or a SALE is currently happening or just happened processing times can be more like 7-10 BUSINESS DAYS. There have been times, like between Black Friday and Christmas where processing times have even been up to 15 Days.

Order Issues

If you have received a broken product, someone else’s order, haven’t received your order or have any other issues with your order. CONTACT CUSTOMER SERVICE. The best thing to do is reply to your order confirmation email with the issues you are having. If you have broken product, missing product, wrong product. You should include photos of said broken/wrong product and also include a photo of the packing slip with your order information! If you can’t reply to your order confirmation email, then use this form to send them all of this stuff.
**Also if your order ends up being delivered but you never received it. I would recommend contacting Colourpop as you would a damaged order and possibly contacting your local Post Master as well.

List of Colourpop Products and Shades

Does someone have a list of every palette? Every shadow? Etc.
Yes, there is a SPREADSHEET that lists every shade name of every product (it’s up to date to the best of my knowledge) that is maintained by ME. It is updated every few weeks.

When Will the Next Sale Be?

Colourpop tends to have sales around major holidays. Christmastime, Memorial Day, Fourth of July and Labor Day, etc.
Their birthday month of MAY tends to see a lot of special releases and sales.
They also sometimes have sales to celebrate hitting a certain number of followers on Instagram. So pay attention to how many followers they have. They’re at 9 Million right now, so I would not be surprised if they release something special and have a sale to celebrate 10 Million when they get there.

Coupon Codes

Some active 10% codes: (there is nothing higher that we know of right now.)
  • SHAE
  • HONEY5 ($5 off)
  • KathleenLights
Student Discounts for Colourpop can be obtained through UniDays!
**Also, Colourpop is also a part of Rakuten (formally known as eBates) and MyPoints!
(These are referral links for both! You and I will both get $$$$$ or points for signing up through my referral link.)
Get 3% back on your purchase from Colourpop or 4% for your Colourpop purchases from Ulta via Rakuten.
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Get 2 points per dollar spent at Colourpop if you purchase through MyPoints. Points accumulated can be turned in for gift cards!

Dry Super Shock Shadows

Add few drops of a beauty oil to your super shock shadow. close it up tight and let it sit for a day or two.
Silicone based primers are also known to re-hydrate super shock shadows.

Dry Jelly Much Shadows

Add a few drops of DISTILLED water to your jelly much and stir it up.

Dry Gel Liner Pots

Use Inglot Duraline to revive your gel liner pots.
You can purchase that from Beautylish. We have also heard that setting spray and beauty oil works but we’ve never tried those ourselves.
Can you think of any other questions / answers that belong in our Colourpop FAQ? Let us know!